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Tesla Powerwall 2’s Availability In New Zealand (And A Hefty Price Increase!)

By Kristy Hoare on in Battery Storage For Solar

Tesla Powerwall 2’s Availability In New Zealand  (And A Hefty Price Increase!)

Tesla Power Wall & Tesla Model S

Many New Zealanders Have Installed Tesla Powerwall 2 Units, Why?

The Powerwall 2 has many a mind-blowing spec that we think is worth getting excited about.  

Boasting double the energy storage of its predecessor (the Powerwall 1), coupled with double the energy output, the Powerwall 2 has plenty of punch. This version of the Tesla Powerwall can be conveniently floor mounted, as opposed to deciphering how your garage wall will support the 120kg unit (the first Powerwall was/is a 100kg). With its built-in inverter, the Powerwall 2 gives you the option of living completely off the grid.  

Below is a great video from one customer who is pretty excited about getting the Powerwall 2 installed. The video shows the features and benefits of the Powerwall 2 along with the installation process.

Availability of Tesla Powerwall 2

The Tesla Powerwall 2 has been available in New Zealand since 2017. Due to popularity,  numbers been limited and some customers have had to order the Powerwall 2 whilst waiting for the next shipment. They are in high demand, and low supply. Tesla has had this problem since inception, and although Tesla’s mega-factory is expanding every day, they still struggle to keep up with feverish demand.

The Price Of Tesla Powerwall 2 is Going Up

When Tesla’s Powerwall 2 launched, Elon Musk hyped it as being affordable at US$5,500.   Which is reasonable, if you live in the States. In New Zealand, the Tesla Powerwall 2 has had a harsher reality with a price that was roughly $14,000 installed. Keyword; was. Tesla just announced last month that their price is now going up. For New Zealanders, it is estimated the price will rise $4,000 - pushing the price tag up to $18,000.

Why Has The Price of Tesla Powerwall 2 Gone Up?

Tesla’s statement: “We occasionally adjust our global pricing to best reflect what we’re offering to customers and the value of our products. The price adjustments made today are the latest example of that.”

Other Solar Battery Storage Systems Available In New Zealand That Are Comparable To Tesla Powerwall 2

A range of other battery storage units that are comparable to the Tesla Powerwall are available throughout New Zealand. And though they may not have the same razzle and dazzle Tesla name attached to them, they are built with quality components. Reliable brands such as LG, Sonnen and Panasonic all offer fantastic systems that are worthy of your investment.

Click here to view other solar battery options available in New Zealand, you can even choose a couple of models at a time and compare specifications side by side -Solar Battery Storage - Product Comparison 

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