Solar Power Buy-Back Rates

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Solar Power Buy-Back Rates

Last updated: 11th May 2021

Solar power buy-back rates are the price per unit at which energy retailers pay for excess/exported solar power.

Before switching your electricity retailer to a company that offers a better buy-back rate, please check with them what your price for using / importing power bill be.  Some electricity retailers have been known to increase the power price for solar power system owners.

Energy Retailer

Solar Power Buy Back Rate Per Kwh

Further Details

Max. System Size:

Electric Kiwi

$0.125 - MoveMaster Plan

$0.08 - Standard Plan

MoveMaster - Peak power prices are more expensive, off-peak power prices are cheaper. More MoveMaster details here. All Electric Kiwi customers get an hour of free off-peak power every day.


Contact Energy

$0.08 + GST

Up to 10kW


$0.08 + GST

With the exception of a couple of networks 

Up to 10kW

Trust Power

$0.07 + GST

Or peer to peer rates you negotiate via Trust Power's Solar Buddies Scheme - view details here

Up to 10kW


$0.08 + GST

Up to 10kW


$0.12 + GST

Up to 50kW

Flick Electric Co

Variable wholesale spot prices, which changes every half an hour.

Flick state their buy-back scheme is a 'trial', although it's been running for more than two years.


$0.09 + GST

This solar export rate varies from month to month and the area you live in.


Nova Energy

$0.074 + GST

Up to 10kW


$0.10 + GST

No limits


$0.085 + GST

Residential customers only


You need to make sure that no more than half of your power is being exported to the grid (unless you have an exceptional buy-back rate), this is to secure a good ROI from your solar power system.

Please note - you can only claim GST if you are GST registered and you will need to inform your energy retailer if you are.

Energy Retailer Solar Power/Distributed Generation Application Forms and Links

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