Solar Power Buy Back Rates

Updated: January 2018

Solar power buy back rates are the price per unit which energy retailers pay for excess / exported solar power.

Energy Retailer

Solar Power Buy Back Rate

Max. System Size   


8¢ / kWh, excl. GST

Up to 5kW


8¢ / kWh (with the exception of a couple of networks) or
12¢ / kWh (only for newly supplied Mercury Solar customers that enter in a 3yr contract)


Trust Power

7¢ / kWh, + GST (or peer to peer rates you negotiate via Trust Power's Solar Buddies Scheme - view details here)

Up to 10kW


8¢ / kWh +GST

Up to 10kW


8¢ / kWh excl. GST 



7 - 8¢ / kWh + GST


P2 Power

16¢ / kWh excl GST - Only for the first 50kWh exported each fortnight
8¢ / kWh excl GST - Thereafter
(You may be put on a waiting list to receive the 16¢ / kWh rate)

Any size

Solar Buy Back Rate

Depending on what time of day you are likely to be using your solar power system (and the systems size), will help to determine how much you rely on a good buy back price for the solar power that you export to the grid.

If you will be using most of your power when it is created (during the day) and/or you have a small system (e.g. 1.5kW) then the buy back rate will not be as important.

Should you not be using much solar power during the day and/or you have a larger system size (3kW +) then you should make sure you are aligned with a retailer that offers good buy back rates.

If you find yourself in the latter group, and you can't find a retailer that will buy your excess solar power at a good price, then you might want to consider ways to increase your self-consumption by installing an appliance controllers or battery back-up.

Typically, a solar power system generates most of it's power during the day (roughly between 10 am and 4pm).

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