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Common Solar Power Questions

General FAQs

What is a grid-connected solar power system?

What is solar energy?

What is photovoltaics?

Do I need to put solar panels on a north-facing roof?

What can affect the amount of solar electricity generated?

How much does a grid-connected solar power setup cost?

What is the payback period for buying a solar power system?

What are the options for financing a solar power system?

Which system size will I need?

What happens to excess power that the system generates?

Is my building suitable for a solar power system?

What is the difference between solar power and solar hot water?

What is the difference between monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin-film solar panels?

How long will my grid-connected solar power system last?

What type of warranty is supplied with the system?

What are some of the common component brand names?

Can I insure my grid-connected system?

Is there any maintenance involved?

Can I scale up my system size in the future?

What happens during a blackout?

What happens on cloudy days?

Environmental FAQs

Are solar power systems good for the environment?

How much energy does it take to produce a solar power system?

Are solar panels recyclable?

Installation FAQs

Will I need a switchboard near the solar power system?

Can you retrofit a backup battery into a grid-connected system?

How does a solar system connect into the current house power system?

Where do you place the inverter?

What is the dimensions of a average solar panel?

What are net-billing and net-metering?

What New Zealand standards does the system need to comply to?

Do I need approval from a lines/power company to connect to the grid?

Will I need council consent?

What is the weight of the solar system on the roof?

How much roof space is needed?