Solar Power Wellington

Wellington is known to be windy, but it also gets a lot of sun! 2,065 sunshine hours a year.
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Did you know, as of March 2017 there are 425 solar pv systems in Wellington City and 898 solar power systems in the Wellington Region.  (Source:EMI)

Solar Power Installations in Wellington

In the middle of the Wellington harbour, on Somes Island you'll find a 6kW wind turbine and 3.8kW solar power system used by the Department of Conservation. It is designed to provide nearly all of Somes Islands energy power requirements.  The wind turbine and solar power system is a great combination because when Wellington does not have any wind, it is likely then that the bright sunshine will be out helping the system to produce a lot of electricity. 

If your in Lower Hutt / Alice Town, stop by the Black Diamond Technologies office, 1 Parliment Street, to check out their 30kW solar power system. Fitted with 260W Black Diamond solar panels.

Black Diamond Technology Solar Power System 30kW

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