Solar Power Tauranga

Tauranga gets plenty of sun with 2,260 sunshine hrs/yr, the perfect place to get solar power installed.

As of March 2017, Tauranga has 306 solar power systems installed and 717 solar power systems within the Bay of Plenty region.

How to Find Solar Installers in Tauranga

Shopping for a solar power system has never been easier with My Solar Quotes free online quote request form. Simply type in your details into the request form, and soon you will receive 3 no-obligation quotes from solar companies in Tauranga.

My Solar Quotes eliminates hassle by locating solar power companies in your area that provide exceptional solar systems that best match your unique requirements.

Solar Power Reviews From Tauranga

There are several Tauranga solar power system owners who have gone through this website to get quotes and they have given us reviews on their experience. Anthony from Tauranga has a 4kW solar power system and says his system "produces an abundant amount of power. More than I need." Read the rest of Anthony's review here.

4kw solar power system in tauranga

Anthony's Solar Power System in Tauranga, 4kW

Tauranga's Solar Powered EV Charging Station

You can have a close look at some solar panels on the Electric Station in Tauranga, on the Strand.  It is a 4.68kW solar power system consisting of 18 260W panels and microinverters.  Click here to read more.

Solar Power Ev Charging Station Tauranga

Sustainable Homes and Garden Trail, Tauranga

The Sustainable Backyards Month (March) organised by the Envirohub every year, always run a Sustaianble Homes and Garden trail.  Many of the homes are fitted with solar power systems, which is a great opportunity to see how a solar power systems physically looks and how it interacts with the home.  It is also a good chance to talk to the home owner to about how the system benefits them.  Find out more details at Envirohub.

I also hold a talk during the Sustainable Backyards month at the Tauranga library.  I go through everything from how it works to how to choose the best solar power installer.  Details about the next presentation can be found on the Envirohub website or click the link below view the 2014 presentation.

Solar Power New Zealand - Public Presentation part.1/3

Solar Power Presentation Tauranga

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