Solar Power Invercargill & Southland

Invercargill and the wider Southland region is a great place for solar power systems. Invercargill has on average 1,661 sunshine hours a year. Considering installing a solar power system on your home or business? Look no further! To find the best solar power system installers in Invercargill and Southland click here for 3 free quotes.

The Amount of Solar Power Systems in the Southland Region

As of August 2017, there is 336 grid connect solar power systems installed in Southland, with a total of 80.1MW.  Below is a large 10kW system with 48 solar panels in Invercargill installed by World Solar.

residential solar power system invercargill, southland

Consent for Solar Power in Invercargill

The Invercargill council do not require a building consent for installing solar panels. Click here for more on regulations and consents.

Invercargill & Southland Solar Reviews

We have had a number of clients in Invercargill and Southland utilise the My Solar Quotes website to locate and use solar power installers. Southlanders have left reviews about their solar power experience, with Bryan from Invercargill commenting on his system's performance, "Very good to date, we are feeding power back to the grid. Our first full power bill shows a saving of $60.00 and we hope it will only get better as we change the way we use power in the house." View the rest of Bryans review here.